Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My will to fight had been spent. I walked back with them the way we had run through the streets just moments before. Surprising to me, but probably not to them, there were no people on the streets. I thought for sure my jailbreak run would've drawn some attention but it didn't seem to do very much except put everyone a little more on edge. This time, they had bound my hands behind my back with a cable tie. Number one pulled me by my left arm, the tie cutting into my wrists with each tug. There'd be no more heroic acts on my part.

We entered an old building that was not much different from any of the surrounding buildings. Old enough so that there wasn't a lift, we walked up to the sixth floor of the building, no easy task with my arms tied behind my back. At the sixth floor, we walked through a short hallway with rolling corrugated metal doors along both sides. We stopped as number two pulled out a key and undid the padlock near the floor. I felt no fear now, just resolve to accept the mess I'd gotten myself into. If I was lucky, I'd get myself out of it also.

The door rolled up to reveal a small room full of folding tables with space to walk between them. They were covered with watches. "Watches?"

Number two cut the cable tie from my hands. "Five-hundred each. You'll buy ten."

If I was back home, I'd think for sure I was being "punk'd", but I was in Hong Kong and these guys were serious. "Ok. Ok." This was a lot of money for even a high quality fake, but I didn't think I was in any position to bargain. I picked watches quickly and put them into the bag I'd been given. I gave them the money, which I would've given just to be let go.

As we left the building I kept hoping that this was the end of it. We got in the car and they covered my head with a dirty towel so I couldn't see. After only minutes, they let me out on a busy street corner. The driver made some threats about what would happen if I tried to find them. It was the last thing on my mind. As they sped off, I walked the opposite way and pitched the watches into the first trash can I saw.


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