Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Setup

I had gotten a final email telling me to wait here at three o'clock; she would recognize me from my picture and initiate contact. Though, I didn't know what she looked like and wasn't sure what to expect. After two double espressos and thirty minutes, I was losing hope and ready to acknowledge defeat and another blow to my ego.

Blind dates have never been my style. I never found any need for them, really, and could usually rely on my friends of friends when I needed to meet a new face. Even as I sat there waiting for the mystery woman I wondered what was different about this time. Maybe all of the on-line dating success stories had finally convinced me. Maybe I thought that the girls on myspace were more legit, unlike the average girl that I'd met in the foreigner bars in the Wan Chai district, and not just interested in me out of desperation.

Just as I was getting up to leave, I noticed a girl and guy enter as a pair, the girl motioning the guy to wait as she stare and approached me. "Hi Stewart. I'm Yvonne. What do you say we get out of here?"

I felt my pulse begin racing, and not from the girl, though she was beautiful in a haunting way. The guy made me nervous. He just stood there watching us, watching for my next move. I turned and looked at the other entrance and saw another similarly attired guy standing at the door with no apparent reason. I felt my options diminish at that moment. Looking back at it, I know I should've decided differently - make a scene, run out the door, scream for help - but I was too proud for any of those things.

"Sure. You lead the way."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So... what happened after that?

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, is your name
Stewart or Malcolm???

8:07 AM  

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