Thursday, February 02, 2006


The blackboard behind the register, in festive, multicolored chalk, read: "may you be full of beans for the new year."

Anonymous expat number one approached the register in a black suit, white shirt, and crimson red tie. The tie was covered in a grid of blue and white specks.

Anonymous expat number two had on charcoal grey dress pants accessorized with a black leather belt with chrome buckle. His cornflower blue, taffeta shirt was tucked in, the sleeves buttoned at his wrists.

Anonymous expat number three picked up the key from the counter and proceeded to the restroom door in a camel colored cotton sport coat. He was more casual than the rest, wearing navy denim pants and a light blue polo shirt. His leather-soled shoes tapped the floor in fading syncopation as walked away from the register.

Anonymous expat number four wore a confused ensemble of black. Black polyester dress pants clashed with his black, cotton, short-sleeved button front shirt. His socks were casual dress, dots of purple surrounding red extending in a diamond grid. He wore Puma tennis shoes made of synthetic leather with black rubber soles that rounded onto the sides of the shoe in select areas. The red Puma stripe stood out against the white background.


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